It was at the outset of the 1930’s that Arlindo de Sousa - after whom it is named – was well aware of the disadvantaged position held by entrepreneurs and inventors from the northern part of Portugal when compared to that enjoyed by those who were closer to Lisbon, where the so-called Division of Industrial Property was located (now called the National Institute of Industrial Property). Himself, an inventor, he felt such disadvantage and decided to create and run a Trademarks and Patents Office in Oporto. And so he did in Sá da Bandeira street. Our Office has always been located in this street, in spite of some changes in the company’s facilities due to the increasing number of clients and the loyalty of the previous ones. And, as if matching the company’s success, the new facilities have also moved upwards in this street…

It’s no wonder that the enthusiasm, the competence and the determination that Arlindo de Sousa committed to this cause were contagious. These values, among others, were kindly exalted posthumously by the National Institute of Industrial Property and to which the generations that succeeded him still remain faithful. And now, this task has been carried out using technologies that didn’t exist before, and which have greatly contributed to the optimization and effectiveness of our services.

Nowadays we operate at both national and international level, and we have a broad clientele at home and abroad.

Therefore, it is with great satisfaction- and pride- that we find in the market many prestigious trademarks of the most various goods and services with whom we have worked.